2012-A Year of Hope and Prosperity

I still cannot believe we are already in a new year.? With this in mind, I am thankful for the prior year and am looking forward to many opportunities and blessings that this year will hold for us.? It is my wish that 2012 will be a year that our hopes and dreams will be those of progress and advancements, those of victories and achievements.? When asked what my Christmas wish was, it was simple but true, world peace and a cure for all cancers.?

We had a wonderful turnout for our Elgin New Year?s Eve Celebration which was held at Town Hall.? The food was great, the weather was perfect and the gathering of friends and families was encouraging.? We were treated to live music provided by Don Block, Dean Cook and our very own Fred Davidson.? This event was a first for our community, but everyone had such a great time and it was so successful, we are already starting to plan for next year?s.? I would like to thank everyone who came and made it such a special time as we ushered in the New Year together as a community.? I especially owe thanks to Nicole Key for photographing/videoing the event and Pastor Ken Jackson for offering his New Year?s prayer.? My biggest ?Thank you? must go to my dear husband, Clif, for having the idea and putting together the event and cooking.? It was definitely a group effort and very much appreciated.

As with the tradition of a new year, resolutions are made with hopes of improvements in all areas and aspects of life.? It is my resolution to seek unification for our community.? I know there will be times when everyone will not be in agreement, but it is my hope and prayer that all decisions made will have the same goal of seeking and doing what will be in the best interest for the residents and businesses in and around the Town of Elgin.? We have a great community and we should strive to keep it this way and work towards unification and not ways of tearing it down.? I feel that I am fortunate to live, work and worship here and I am proud to say I?m from Elgin-a little town with a very big heart.

Please try and stay informed of events and news of our community.? Our local media outlets such as The Elgin News and West Wateree Chronicle do a great job of covering everything and they are a valuable asset and friends to us.? We also have the town website-townofelginsc.com and a group page on Facebook-Town of Elgin.? If you ever have questions, suggestions, concerns or just want to say ?Hi?, please free to contact us by phone or email.? Each Council Member and the Mayor are available at all times and we?re just a phone call or email away and we?d love to hear from you.? I encourage you to stay informed and get involved when the opportunity presents itself.? This town belongs to each and every one of us and we value your opinions.? I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous year in 2012.

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