A Brief Look at our 01/03/12 Council Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held on Tuesday, January 3rd at 7:00 pm at the Elgin Town Hall. All council members were present with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding. The Invocation was given by Councilwoman Emmons followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, which was led by Councilman Risvold.
The 1st order of business was a motion to approve the December minutes by Councilman Risvold and a 2nd by Councilwoman Emmons. There was also a brief financial update given by Mayor Hanley, focusing on the Local Option Sales Tax and Police Fines Revenue. At this time, Mr. Rod Dooley of Dooley and Company presented a review to Council of the 2010-2011 audit for the Town of Elgin.
It was during this time Mayor Hanley along with Chief Harold Brown recognized Officer Ed Hines of the Elgin Police Department for 15 years of service. In addition to Officer Hines, Kathy Brown was recognized for 15 years of service with the department as a Victim?s Advocate. It is because of such devotion and commitment from people such as these that we are able to offer the very best to the citizens of Elgin. This department is to be commended for ALWAYS going above and beyond the call of duty.
A contract for remodeling of the old Blaney Fire Department was presented to Council by Mayor Hanley. A motion to sign and move forward with the contract was made by Councilwoman Emmons and a 2nd by Councilman Ernst. Some discussion followed as Councilman Risvold disagreed about the emergency situation of the contract, but with clarification that our current lease expired September 2011 and we were given a 6 month extension, it was agreed that we needed to move forward. The General Contractor (Chase Builders) will be using all Elgin labor and sub-contractors and materials/supplies will be purchased locally. When the vote was taken, it was unanimous. At this time, we have resolved all issues with the floor plan and will be signing the actual contract early this week. Once complete, the Elgin Police Department and all town functions will be housed under one roof, which will allow us to be more cost efficient and effective in serving the residents and businesses of the Town of Elgin.
In Old Business, Councilman Ernst noted that the Town Hall office needed to look into purchasing a scanner-as of this date, it has been purchased and has already been put to use in day to day business. Also, Anna Chason of the Elgin Centennial Committee informed Council that their name has been changed to the Elgin Historical Society and they were still in need of space for a museum.
During Public Forum, Mr. Dean Cook spoke to Council about an idea he has for bringing in additional revenue for Elgin. He would like for us to consider sponsoring a musical talent program which he feels would bring in people to hear the various acts that would be performing. He would be willing to organize the event and will be making a more formal presentation at our February meeting.
With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:15. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February, 7th at 7:00 at the Elgin Town Hall. I encourage everyone to make the effort to attend these meetings so you can stay informed and find ways to get involved.

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