A New Direction For Elgin

This is all new territory for me as I’m sure it will be for many others.? My youngest daughter was impressed that I am using new programs and trying new things such as blogging.? I’m sure I will bore someone to death, but I hope I can make just one person’s day by saying something witty.? I promise not to be long winded and will stick to topics that are of interest to most.? My topic today is volunteering and serving.? We have several positions available for our Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Appeals Board.? I’m hoping there’s someone reading this that may want to do a little research and check to see if this is something they might enjoy.? If so, please do not desitate to let me or the Mayor or other Council Members know and we will fix you up.? I encourage everyone to get informed and when the opportunity is there, get involved.? I’ve taken up enough of your time tonight-hope you’ll come again tomorrow.? Let’s talk Elgin up and start some shaking and some moving and see what happens next.

Melissa Emmons

Mayor Pro Tem

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