April 1, 2014 Elgin Town Council Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held on Tuesday, April 1at at 7:00 pm at the Elgin Town Hall. All council members were present and Mayor Brad Hanley presided. The Invocation was given by Councilwoman Emmons and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, which was led by Mayor Hanley.
The first order of business was a motion to approve the March 5th Minutes-motion was made by Councilwoman Emmons, 2nd by Councilwoman Sloan with a unanimous vote from Council. The following business license applications were received and approved in March 2014: (1) Great Southern Homes-a general contractor located at 425 Summit Terrace Ct., Bldg. #2 in Columbia, SC, (2) True Comfort of the Carolinas LLC-a heating and air company located at 212 Cricket Hill Dr. in Lugoff, SC and (3) Signal Homes LLC-a temporary license for a residential builder located at 1696 Bookman Rd. in Elgin, SC. As always, we welcome new businesses to our community and encourage you to visit them and Think Elgin First.
We received the following complaint for the month of March: #116 Dated 03/3/14-a resident who lives on Jeffers Rd filed the complaint about a tractor trailer parked out in front of another residence on the same road. The complaint was accepted by Officer Corey of the Elgin Police Department. On recommendation from Chief Brown, our Interim Clerk called Randy Pruitt, Zoning Administrator, to inform him of the complaint. At this time he is trying to verify if the particular home is within the town limits and if so, will send notification to the individual informing him of the violation. This is another example of how efficient and effective our complaint system is.
In Old Business, Councilwoman Emmons informed everyone of the ?Community Service? that is sponsored by the Town of Elgin. It will be held on Sunday, April 27th @ 6:00 at Blaney Baptist Church. The theme is ?A Night of Hope? and the list of guest speakers includes Brandon Goff, Dan Griffin, Ken Jackson, Paul Miles and Lorenzo White. There will also be musical performances by New Life Trio, Randy Bradley and Donnie and Louise Jacobs. This is going to be a wonderful family event and a great opportunity to come together as a community to promote unity and encourage hope and to plan for a brighter future for our Town and surrounding communities. Many thanks to all that have been involved in organizing this event and once again this is another example of why I always say the Town of Elgin is a Small Community with a Big Heart.
At this time, Councilwoman Dana Sloan gave an update on Potter Community Park. At our last meeting, Council voted to provide the funds so the supplies could be ordered and the construction of the covered stage/picnic shelter could begin as soon as possible. The supplies have been ordered from Wm. T. Miller Lumber Co., Inc. in Elgin and should be arriving by Friday, April 11th. We hope to have this phase of the project complete and be able to dedicate the park at the Elgin PoDunk Festival that is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. We were also informed by Mayor Hanley that a new HVAC unit would be installed at the Elgin Library on April 17th. The Library will be closed on the 17th and 18th due to the repairs. The Kershaw County Risk Manager did an inspection of the Library and found some loose bricks on the walkway/path outside that leads to Grooms Garden. The Mayor stated that Freeman Hall has been contacted and will do the repair work to tear out the olds bricks and reset with new ones.
In New Business, Randy Pruitt, Zoning Administrator asked Council to consider amending a section of our Charity Permit Request. Currently in this permit, it states that there shall only be two charity events per calendar year at each site. He requested the permit should be amended/changed to read as follows: Charity events will only be permitted to be conducted two times per calendar year for two days each for each charity organization. A motion to accept this amendment was made by Councilwoman Emmons, 2nd by Councilwoman Silvers with a unanimous vote from Council. We will have to have one more reading on this Ordinance before it will take effect.
Also in New Business, Chief Brown introduced the need for Ordinance 224-Use of Wireless Electronic Communication Devices in a school zone. If adopted, the following would take effect: (1) It is unlawful for a person to use a wireless electronic communication device while operating a motor vehicle in a school zone area, (2) A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, must be fined no more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than 30 days, or both and (3) The penalty imposed by this subsection only applies if: (a) If a sign is posted at the beginning of the school zone area that states ?SCHOOL ZONE UP TO $100 FINE AND 30 DAYS IMPRISONMENT FOR USING A WIRELESS ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICE; and (b) To the area between the posted sign and the ?END SCHOOL ZONE? sign. Wireless electronic communicated device means an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, a personal digital assistance, a text-messaging device, or a computer, that allows a person to wirelessly communicate with another person. This distance of the area that would be included in this ordinance is 3/10 of a mile. A motion was made by Councilwoman Emmons and Chief Brown said that he feels that we need to approve this ordinance as soon as possible. After some discussion, the decision was made to table at this time and place this item on the May Agenda. The safety of our children and adults is something that I do not take lightly. I would love to have some input from the community to know how you would feel about this ordinance-please contact me at Melissa.emmons@townofelginsc.com or Chief Brown at Chief@elginpolice.org.
A presentation of the ?Mayor?s Award? was presented to Doris Kling for her dedication to the Town. It was presented by Mayor Brad Hanley, Council Members, Chief Brown and Town Hall Staff. It was also announced at this time that the Town has hired Melony Hudson as our new Town Clerk/Clerk of Court. I personally would like to thank Doris Kling for all that she has done for the Town of Elgin. Over the past few months, she has been the glue that has held us together during a difficult transition time. I would also like to welcome Melony Hudson aboard and I look forward to working with her; she is a lifelong resident of our community and I feel she will be a valuable asset to the Town of Elgin.
During Public Forum, former Mayor Pete James stated that he wants to challenge the Mayor, Council and residents and business owners of Elgin to help clean up our Town. He stated that he would start at his corner on Pine Street and White Pond Road. He reminded Council that anyone coming into our Town should have a good first impression and a clean area will be one of the first things they notice. He also stated that he is going to work on Main and Church Streets as well. This is a wonderful idea and I hope others will follow the example he has set and together we can make our Town shine as we rid it of debris and trash.
Please keep in mind that we are working daily to prepare for our annual PoDunk Festival, which is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd and a rain date of May 10th. This year?s events will consist of a Parade, Festival with vendors, games, food, live entertainment, a Dice Run and Bike & Car Show and conclude that night with our Movies on Main. On Sunday starting at 2:00, we will have ?Praise in the Park? with various entertainers sharing their talents in singing and worshiping with music. This is a free event, but if you choose to participate in any of the events, registration forms are available at Elgin Town Hall and online at www.townofelginsc.com. This is going to be a wonderful family oriented event and 100% of all funds raised will go to the Elgin Police Department Toys RoundUp and Caring Hands Foundation, which assists families at Christmas and provides fruit baskets for senior citizens in an around the Elgin area.
We are also continuing to work on raising funds for our ?Military Salute? that will be located at Potter Community Park. If you would like to contribute to this project, you can drop your donation off at Elgin Town Hall or mail it to the Town of Elgin, PO Box 277, Elgin SC 29045. If we stay on schedule with this project, we plan on having a dedication ceremony on Monday, May 26th @ 6:00. What a great way to honor and show our appreciation for those who have fought and continue to fight daily for our freedoms as citizens of the United States of America.
Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned. Our next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 6th at 7:00 pm. I encourage everyone to make an effort to attend our monthly meetings so you can stay informed and find ways to get involved and if you miss a meeting, check out our website at www.townofelginsc.com, where we list agendas, minutes from meetings and the calendar of events. If I can ever be of assistance, please feel free to contact me by phone at 803-309-1385 or email at Melissa.emmons@townofelginsc.com.

Melissa Brazell Emmons
Mayor Pro Tem
Elgin Town Council

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