April 2, 2013-Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday April 2, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Elgin Town Hall with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding. All Council members were present.

Invocation was given by Melissa Emmons and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Hanley.

Mayor Hanley recognized the Archery Teams of Blaney Elementary and Stover Middle Schools, along with their coaches, and presented each team with a certificate from the Town of Elgin signed by all council members.

Mayor Hanley presented a signed Proclamation to Mr. Joseph Bruce recognizing the 100th anniversary of the founding of KershawHealth (Camden Hospital).

A motion by Melissa Emmons to accept the March Minutes as written, 2nd by Dana Sloan. Unanimous vote.

Mayor Hanley reviewed the financial information highlighting the Police fines and the Local Option Sales Tax revenue.

Mayor Hanley recognized three new business licenses: Saluda Hill Inc., Danny?s Auto Sales of Elgin, LLC, and Nice Ice, LLC.

Mayor Hanley read a Resolution noting the resignation of Councilman Bubba Ernst and setting the date for a special election (June 18th, 2013) to fill this seat. (Registration for this open seat will start at noon April 5, 2013 and close at noon on April 19, 2013.)

Mayor Hanley then recognized Lt. Ed Hines (Elgin PD) with all his police officer accomplishments and that he was recently named the Officer of the Year by the American Legion Post 182.

Mr. Dan Vismor (Vismor & Associates) recommended to council some zoning changes for the updated zoning ordinance. After some discussion, council decided to hold a workshop to discuss these issues. The workshop will be held on April 23, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.


Melissa Emmons reported to council that she was still wanting suggestions on the naming of the Greenhill property as a park, and also naming the park at the Elgin Library.

Council was reminded of the upcoming Movies on Main (April 19th) and the Podunk Festivities (April 20th). Council was also reminded of the Museum yard sale ? April 6th.

Motion to dismiss at 8:16 by Melissa Emmons.

Judy Darby-Buchanan
Town Clerk

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