December 5, 2017-Minutes

ELGIN TOWN COUNCIL????????? ???????????????????????????? TOWN OF ELGIN, SC.

Mayor Melissa Emmons

Councilman Brad Hanley

Councilwoman Candy Silvers

Councilwoman Naomi Eyers

Councilman Ed Smith





The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, December 5th at 6:00pm with Mayor Melissa Emmons presiding.


Present were Councilman Brad Hanley, Councilman Edward Smith, Councilwoman Naomi Eyers, and Mayor Melissa Emmons (Councilwoman Candy Silvers was absent)


Mayor Melissa Emmons gave the invocation.


Councilman Brad Hanley led Town Council and all others attending the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance


A motion was made by Councilman Brad Hanley to accept the November 7th minutes with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers without further discussion and a unanimous vote.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????



No formal complaints were filed



  • Councilwoman Candy Silvers was absent
  • Councilwoman Naomi Eyers had nothing to report
  • Councilman Brad Hanley had nothing to report
  • Councilman Ed Smith wanted to thank everyone involved in the planning of The Catfish Stomp and all the parade entries.
  • Mayor Emmons gave the following updates:

She thanked everyone involved with the Catfish Stomp; Elgin Police Department, Blaney Fire Department, Town Clerk, Troy Reason, Jake Branham and many others.? She commended John Potter for being Citizen of the Year as he gives a lot to our community.? She stated Toy Round up is in full swing and the committee is working with Kim Stokes of Stover Middle School with an assembly at the school on December 14th entitled ?Take Time to Care? which is taking donations of toys and can goods.? She ended with wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


  • Town Attorney, John Wells stated the Town owns the footprint of the building at Town Hall; however, the Town has signed a contract to purchase the land around the building for $285,000. The Town has signed the contract and paid $1,000 in earnest money to purchase the land.? He asked for a resolution allowing Mayor Emmons to sign the purchase agreement to finalize the contract.? A motion to approve the resolution for allowing Mayor Emmons to proceed with the purchase contract of the land was made by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers to open discussion of Ordinance #234, rezoning 1205 Church Street from OC to GC-1, with a 2nd motion by Councilman Brad Hanley, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.? Mr. Miller came forward and after much discussion regarding the subdivision of his property at 1205 Church Street, he assured Mayor and Council that his intention was to protect the Church across the street (Blaney Baptist Church).? 1st reading of Ordinance #234 passed unanimously.

Attorney John Wells stated a Public Hearing would be needed as referenced by section 9.1.3 of the Town of Elgin?s Zoning Manual.? Mr. Miller is content with waiting until the January 2018 Town Council meeting for the Public Hearing and 2nd reading of Ordinance #234.


Dana Sloan stated she met with PRT regarding the State contract pricing for the playground at Potter Community Park.? She stated if the state contractors are used then the Town does not have to send out for bids.? She also stated federal code requires some form of matting for playground equipment; therefore, the committee will ensure this is included when obtaining prices for the playground equipment.? The committee discussed the purchasing of benches, trash cans and the playground equipment during their last meeting and they have talked with Bliss Products (which has a state contract) and they are offering special pricing until December 8, 2017.? At present the pricing ranges from $200,000 – $800,000 for ages 2-4 and 5-12.? There is also a 25% installation charge based on the MSRP of the equipment.? The cost of the rubber chips for matting purposes is an additional $38,000.? Mayor Emmons suggested contacting Joe Eason with Kershaw County Parks for his input on the equipment.? Dana Sloan will scan and email 3 choices of playground equipment to the Mayor and Council (Wesley World, Falcon & Condors Retreat).

In order to alleviate sending out for a bid on playground equipment, Councilman Brad Hanley made a motion to for a resolution to authorize the Mayor to purchase or sign a contract for playground equipment up to $42,000 with a 2nd motion by Councilman Ed Smith, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.


Councilman Brad Hanley presented Mayor and Council with a new Planning & Zoning form that he feels would help Planning and Zoning provide the information needed by Council in a standard format for rezoning requests.? Vetting of those wanting to serve or not was discussed in emails amongst Council December 4th thru the 7th.? Councilman Brad Hanley motioned to adopt the new Planning and Zoning form as part of the procedure manual with a 2nd motion by Councilman Ed Smith, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Chief Brown gave the following updates:

The Elgin Police Department Toy Round Up and Caring Hands Foundation has currently taken information for 56 families for the Christmas Holiday .?

He recently met with the Safety Committee and due to the procedures implemented with the Safety Committee, Wellness Committee and Policy & Procedures with the Elgin Police Department the insurance rate has not risen; however, next year the minimum point level is 90; therefore, it is recommended to update the Town of Elgin?s Policy & Procedures manual with the Town Attorney?s assistance.? It is also recommended for Council to take the educational seminars/classes on line thru the Municipal Association.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 6:54pm by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.



??????????????????????????????????????????????? ____________________________ Approved: _________________________

Minutes submitted by Melony Hudson ? December 19, 2017

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