February 7, 2012-Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at theElginTown ? Hallwith Mayor Brad Hanley presiding. All council members were present. Invocation by Melissa Emmons and Pledge of Allegiance led by Larry Risvold followed.


Motion to approve the January minutes by Larry Risvold, 2nd by Melissa Emmons. Unanimous.


Financial Information:???????? Mayor Hanley gave overview of the Local Option Sales Tax and Police Fines.


Mayor Hanley recognized the new businesses:

  1. Sunset Spirits
  2. Blaney Fireworks
  3. ElginFood Mart
  4. Sterling Glass LLC
  5. Russell E. Wright, CPA, PA
  6. Next Best Thing
  7. Bulldog Towing
  8. Little Joe?s
  9. S&K Contractors (Temp.)
  10. Professional Electric Co. (Temp.)




Melissa Emmons presented council with a location for a museum ? in the building adjacent to the library (old garage). There is parking and lighting already at the location. Ms. Anna Chason (representative of the Centennial Committee) stated that she had a positive feeling about this site, and would love to look at it. Sharon Jeffers (representative of the Centennial Committee) also likes the idea. Mayor Hanley stated that this seemed to be a good solution. Ms. Chason stated that the Museum would probably be opened one afternoon a week. The committee already has a cotton seed separator, cabinets and some glass cases, and that this committee is evolving into the Elgin Historical Society. They would like to model the museum after the Blythewood museum. Melissa Emmons motioned to give the use of this building as a museum to the Centennial Committee, Larry Risvold 2nd. Unanimous.


Melissa Emmons also told council members that Friday, March 2nd is ?Read acrossAmerica? day (Dr. Seuss)? at Blaney Elementary, and would like some of the council members to participate by reading to the students on that day, and also that council would be the door decorations judges on that day.


Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm with motion by Larry Risvold.


Judy Darby-Buchanan

Town Clerk

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