February 7, 2017-Minutes

Mayor Melissa Emmons
Councilman Brad Hanley
Councilwoman Candy Silvers
Councilwoman Dana Sloan
Councilman Ed Smith


The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, February 7th at 6:00pm with Mayor Melissa Emmons presiding.

Present were Mayor Melissa Emmons, Councilman Brad Hanley, Councilman Edward Smith, Councilwoman Candy Silvers, and Councilwoman Dana Sloan

Chip Galloway gave the invocation.

Councilman Brad Hanley led Mayor, Town Council and all others attending the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance

A motion was made by Councilman Brad Hanley to accept the January 3rd minutes with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Councilman Brad Hanley motioned to change the Agenda to move the presentation of Kim Stokes and her 7th grade class after the Pledge of Allegiance to be followed by Rod Dooley with the 2016 audit report with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Chief Brown presented an award of appreciation from The Town of Elgin to Stover Middle School Teacher, Kim Stokes and her 7th grade class for their assistance with Toy Round Up and Caring Hands Foundation this past year. Her 7th grade class collected money, food and toys and assisted with the distribution of these items. Mrs. Stokes accepted the award and stated she was proud to partner with Chief Brown and was extremely proud of her students and community.

Rod Dooley, Town Accountant, presented the 2016 audit for the Town of Elgin to Mayor and Council. There were no significant discrepancies and the town is in good financial shape. The Town of Elgin completed their fiscal year with excess of revenues over expenditures in the amount of $131,389.00

No formal complaints filed


? Councilwoman Candy Silvers stated not to forget to vote.
? Councilwoman Dana Sloan had no new information to report.
? Councilman Brad Hanley asked if Council would consider combining the Blaney-Elgin Museum and Elgin Community Center projects. He stated the museum committee called him and he joined them at a meeting. The committee feels this is a town project and they don?t feel they are in the position to assume the expenses for the museum. He stated now that we are planning a Community Center, it was asked if it would be feasible to join the two projects together. Councilman Hanley stated that since we?ve spent the last either to ten years being frugal and building up our reserves, it?s about time to use it for giving back to the community and maybe this is the avenue to do that. Mayor and Council scheduled a workshop on March 1st at 6:00pm to discuss the matter further and meet with the Blaney-Elgin museum committee.
? Councilman Ed Smith had no new information to report.
? Mayor Emmons stated New Spring Church will have a cleanup day in town limits on April 1st and invited everyone to assist with this effort.

Mayor Emmons stated committees have been formed to review the Personnel Manual and the Police Department criminal ordinances. The committee for the personnel manual consists of Mayor Emmons, Councilman Hanley and Councilwoman Sloan. The committee for the criminal ordinances consists of Chief Brown, Councilwoman Silvers and Councilman Smith. After the committees have decided on updates for these items they will present the amendments to Mayor and Council at the Town Council meeting in April.

Mayor Emmons asked to start the bidding process for updating the Town of Elgin website and Elgin Police Department website and Council agreed.

Mayor Emmons motioned to change the format of the Agenda and move the Public Forum section to the beginning of the meeting after the Pledge of Allegiance with a 2nd motion by Councilman Brad Hanley without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Mayor Emmons asked to change the Town Council meeting in July to July 11th due to the Holiday on July 4th. Councilwoman Candy Silvers motioned to change the Town Council meeting to July 11th with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Chief Brown requested from Mayor and Council to sign a Mutual Aide Agreement with the Town of Bethune and the City of Camden, which was granted.

Chief Brown requested to replace some of the Town Christmas lights. Councilman Brad Hanley motioned to grant Chief Brown an allowance of $2,400 to replace Town Christmas lights with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Chief Brown requested for the committee handling the personnel manual to change the accumulation schedule for leave to include vacation and sick leave for the Police Department employees, as they do not currently accrue sick leave.

Amy Kinard, Executive Director of the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Mayor and Council to request use of office space to enable business owner?s easier access to the Chamber. Mrs. Kinard identified Elgin as an area of tremendous growth and that the Chamber?s intention is to hold events in Elgin and meet with various business owners. She stated they want to have a representative from the Chamber at every Elgin Town Council meeting in order to know more about what is going on and more about what might impact our business members. The Chamber is committed to serving the entire county and they see Elgin as a great opportunity to grow business and support Elgin businesses. Mayor and Council approved use of office space for the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Mark Breymeyer, homeowner in White Hills Subdivision, requested to have the subdivision sign for his neighborhood replaced by the Town. Town Clerk, Melony Hudson-Martin, gave Mayor and Council copies of quotes previously received in February 2016. Mayor Emmons assured Mr. Breymeyer she and Council would discuss the matter and have a decision for the homeowners at their next Town Council meeting in March.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:05pm by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Minutes submitted by Melony Hudson-Martin ? February 15th, 2016

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