July 2, 2013-Minutes

Elgin Town Council Meeting
July 2, 2013

The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding. All council members were present.

Invocation was given by Melissa Emmons and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Hanley.

Mayer Hanley performed the ceremony for Oath of Office by swearing in newly elected councilwoman Candace Silvers (Candy).

A motion was made by Councilwoman Melissa Emmons to approve the June minutes (regular and special), 2nd by Councilwoman Dana Sloan with a unanimous vote.

Mayor Hanley reviewed the Local Option Sales Tax revenue.

Mayor Hanley recognized a new business license: Patriot Defensive Solutions, formerly Elgin Gun Sales, Inc.

Scotty Jacobs, a citizen of Elgin, a member of the Lugoff fire board, and twenty five year veteran of the Columbia Fire Department, expressed concerns about the Blaney Fire Department being manned only by part-time personnel, and that it wasn?t a 24 hour working station. Mr. Jacobs stated that there were three important factors to consider:

1. Life Safety ?for the citizens as well as fire personnel
2. ISO Ratings ? Cost more in taxes but will save in home owner insurance
3. NFPA Regulations that state that it is a requirement that there be at least 12 firemen at a structure fire within the first 8 minutes of a call

Mr. Jacobs brought his concerns to the committee in hopes of gaining their support; and he plans on meeting with the Kershaw County Council to ask that a special tax district be created to make the Blaney Fire Department a county paid and staffed fire department.

Town Council agreed with Mr. Jacobs and suggested that GIS be contacted to confirm the total number of residents in the Blaney Fire Departments district.


There was a complaint made in June concerning a building located on Main Street. The former occupant of that building complained that there was a leak and that he/she believed it was causing mold.

Mayor Hanley stated that he spoke with the town Building Inspector, Randy Pruitt, who needed to confirm with the code to determine whether any inspector had the right to just walk in and inspect a building without a change in occupancy.

This complaint is going to be followed closely for the legalities of whether or not the town has the right or the responsibility to inspect.


Mayor Hanley read aloud a very nice thank you card from Judy Darby-Buchanan, the newly retired Town Clerk/Clerk of Courts, saying that she was going to miss everyone and thanking them for making the past 18 years of her life wonderful.

Mayor Hanley reviewed the financial information. The Mayor noted that April?s revenue was 4% ahead of budget and that May?s was a little short, but it looked good overall. However, June numbers will be monitored in case any recommended changes needed to be made to the upcoming year?s budget. Police fines were average.

Councilwoman Melissa Emmons gave an update on the traffic situation on Main Street. The Councilwoman spoke with Daniel Roberts about scheduling a meeting with the Kershaw County Legislation Delegation and will call him back next week for an update.

Mayor Hanley will draft a letter to Gene Wise requesting that Elgin have a representative within the County Council.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.

Elizabeth Hyman
Town Clerk

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