Lugoff Elgin Water Authority Announcement


We?ve been receiving calls about the earthy taste and smell of our water. Let me assure everyone, our water is absolutely safe to drink. This taste and odor problem results from an algae bloom in Lake Wateree, which is where we draw our water from. Blue-green algae produce a chemical called MIB. That?s what?s causing the earthy taste and smell. Algae blooms occur in the summer and early fall.

This year?s bloom isnotablyworse due to the hot weather and lack of rainfall. Algae blooms occur throughout the country. University studies show that powdered activated carbon, which is what we?re using at the plant, is the treatment method of choice to reduce MIB in drinking water.

However, sometimes the concentration of MIB is so high it?s just impossible to remove it all. Our water is safe to drink. We?re doing everything we can do to counteract the earthy taste and smell. This should improve as soon as the weather cools off.


  1. Elizabeth Sloan says

    My water smells like rotten eggs. Any idea why? And is it safe?

    • Melissa Emmons says

      Mrs. Sloan,

      Lugoff-Elgin Water Authorty just released a public notice statement today regarding tap water in our area. Please look under Community News on our website to view it.

      Please let me know if you have further questions/concerns.

      Melissa Emmons

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