Mosquito Dunks Available from Kershaw County

Mosquito Dunks? available again to Kershaw County Residents and Business Owners


Kershaw County, SC?? In an effort to help reduce the mosquito population, Kershaw County is offeringfree?Mosquito Dunks??again this year to all county households and businesses. Mosquito Dunks? are biological control discs that are deployed in standing water. One Mosquito Dunk? treats 100 square feet of water surface and can be broken into several portions to treat multiple trouble spots. Each environmentally safe, nontoxic disc works up to 30 days and kills mosquitos before they are old enough to bite. What began the summer after the 100 year flood in 2015, this county-wide initiative continues to work in partnership with citizens and business owners each year to provide a safe and healthy environment to live, work, and play.


What is a Mosquito Dunk??

A Mosquito Dunk? is a small, beige donut which floats on standing water. As the Dunk? slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium which is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae. The bacterium that is deadly to mosquito larvae is harmless to other living things such as fish, birds, wildlife, pets, and children. Before using, please read the packaging label for application to standing water around animals and humans.


Kershaw County residents and business owners can pick up their?free?Mosquito Dunk? at?The Kershaw County Government Center located at 515 Walnut Street, Room 204 (Camden) Monday ??Friday?from?8:30 AM ? 5:00 PM?or have one delivered to their home by contacting Christy Denkins with The Kershaw County Department of Safety and Emergency Services at 803.425.1522 extension 5436 or by email at?


Additionally, county employees will be attempting to respond to known situations where standing bodies of water located on public right-of-ways are contributing to the problem.


One Mosquito Dunk? per household or business.




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