November 7, 2017-Minutes

ELGIN TOWN COUNCIL????????? ???????????????????????????? TOWN OF ELGIN, SC.

Mayor Melissa Emmons

Councilman Brad Hanley

Councilwoman Candy Silvers

Councilwoman Naomi Eyers

Councilman Ed Smith





The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, November 7th at 6:00pm with Mayor Melissa Emmons presiding.


Present were Councilman Brad Hanley, Councilman Edward Smith, Councilwoman Naomi Eyers and Mayor Melissa Emmons (Councilwoman Candy Silvers arrived after the meeting had started)


Mayor Melissa Emmons gave the invocation.


Councilman Brad Hanley led Town Council and all others attending the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance


A motion was made by Councilman Ed Smith to accept the October 3rd minutes with a 2nd motion by Councilman Brad Hanley without further discussion and a unanimous vote.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????


Joe Herlong from the Lugoff Optimist Club presented Elgin Police Officer, David Bailey, with an award for his outstanding community service for the past year.

Elgin Municipal Judge, David Reuwer, gave a recent update based on the changes in the court system from Chief Justice Beatty regarding bench warrants being recalled and the time it will take with new changes.

Executive Director for Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, Amy Kinard, encouraged everyone to attend the Shop Small event on Saturday, November 25th.? Local business, Spoiled Rotten, will be hosting the event for the Elgin area by giving out bags filled with coupons, etc.? She also encouraged any local business owner that would like to include any items in the bags to notify her.


No formal complaints were filed



  • Councilman Ed Smith had nothing to report
  • Councilman Brad Hanley stated that while watching a Penn State vs Michigan State ballgame on ESPN he noticed something you don?t see much anymore about sportsman like conduct. He stated that after the game was over the coach for Penn State made the players come back on the field to shake hands with Michigan State even though they lost the game.? He also stated that he took his grandsons to the Revolutionary War days in Camden and encouraged any that could attend to do so, as it is a very well orchestrated event.
  • Councilwoman Naomi Eyers commended the Elgin Police Department for their presence during Halloween. She thanked Chief Brown and Chief Beck from Blaney Fire Department for their involvement in the community during this event.? She stated she is very proud of all departments involved.
  • Councilwoman Candy Silvers had nothing to report
  • Mayor Emmons gave the following updates: The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be coming to Camden May 6th thru 8th.? The American Legion is working with retired veterans and will need volunteers if any would like to donate their time to assist they can contact Mayor Emmons.?

?Thursday, November 9th at 8am Stover Middle School will be having a Veterans Day Memorial event and all are welcome.?

?Monday, November 13th at 7:45am Blaney Elementary will be having a Veterans Day Memorial event.?

?Elgin?s Christmas Tree Lighting will be held on Thursday, November 30th at 7pm at Potter Community Park and will be co-hosted with Radiate Church.? Pastor Brandon Goff will be the MC for the night and Blaney Elementary and Doby?s Mill chorus will be performing along with the Praise and Worship Team from Radiate Church.?

?The Catfish Stomp will be December 2nd starting at 10am with a parade on Main Street and ending at Potter Community Park with a festival.?

?Kershaw County has implemented Ad-Hoc Committees monitoring SRO?s, Growth and Fire Services. ?These meetings are open to the public and are held at the Kershaw County Government Center.? She encouraged everyone to attend if possible and listen to the discussions taking place.

  • Town Attorney, John Wells, requested to be added to Council Briefing in the event Council needs to be briefed in the future.



Dana Sloan was not present.? Councilman Brad Hanley stated the next step for the Park would be moving toward plans for the Community Center which will be discussed at the next committee meeting.


Mayor Emmons read and dedicated the Homelessness Proclamation to Tenell Felder of the Kershaw County United Way.

Randy Pruitt, Zoning Administrator, recommended Mr. Mark Breymeyer to the Zoning Board of Appeals.? Mayor Emmons clarified that there are 2 open positions to the Board, as numerous emails and correspondence have been sent two of the committee members; however, they have not responded in over a year nor went to the training classes required.? A motion was made by Councilman Brad Hanley to accept the recommendation and appoint Mr. Breymeyer to the Zoning Board of Appeals with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Naomi Eyers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Mr. Pruitt presented to Council the request from Mr. John Miller to change the zoning of his property located at 1205 Church Street from OC to GC1.? Town Attorney, John Wells, stated if they made this change they would be amending the Zoning Map and that would mean they are amending the Zoning Ordinance which could be done by title only for the 1st reading or wait until Mr. John Miller has the survey in hand for a 2nd reading.? He cautioned Councilman Brad Hanley?s questioning Mr. John Miller?s intention of use for the property and reason for changing the zoning, as that could eventually change in the future. ?He also stated there would possibly need to be a 1st reading, ?a Public Hearing and then a 2nd reading, but he would need to review the Zoning Ordinances for clarification.? Mr. John Miller spoke and said there would not need to be a Public Hearing.? John Wells stated he would verify that and notify Council.

There was discussion amongst Mayor and Council regarding the surrounding properties, businesses that could or could not be allowed and the Public Hearing held on October 23rd, which was noticed in The Elgin News and Chronicle Independent as well as Town Hall and social media ? which presented no opposition.

Mayor Emmons requested the idea be tabled until December?s Town Council meeting.? A motion to table the request of rezoning the property located at 1205 Church Street from OC to GC1 was made by Councilwoman Candy Silvers with a 2nd motion made by Councilman Brad Hanley, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

Councilman Brad Hanley requested the current zoning form be changed and he will work on it with Town Clerk, Melony Hudson.? He also requested that Council be cc?d in emails when Planning and Zoning Committee have meetings.

Mayor Emmons thanked the Planning and Zoning Committee for their time and effort.

Kershaw County United Way Director of Communications, Tenell Felder, presented to Council the 2016 United Way Annual Report and highlighted some of the key articles in the report she gave Council.

Chief Brown stated there would be a Toy Round Up meeting November 8th at 6pm if anyone would like to attend.? He also stated he is working with Kim Stokes to sell T-shirts with the proceeds going to Toy Round Up and that Power Up Girls donated $300 to Toy Round Up last week.

Town Attorney, John Wells, requested to go into Executive Session ? Section 30-4-70 (a) (2) for a contractual matter.?? A motion to go into Executive Session was made at 7:23pm by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

A motion was made at 7:43pm to come out of Executive Session by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilwoman Candy Silvers.? Mayor Emmons stated no decisions were made and no votes were taken, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:45pm by Councilman Brad Hanley with a 2nd motion by Councilman Ed Smith, without further discussion and a unanimous vote.



??????????????????????????????????????????????? ____________________________ Approved: _________________________

Minutes submitted by Melony Hudson ? November 9, 2017

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