October 1, 2013-Minutes

Mayor Brad Hanley
Councilwoman Melissa Emmons
Councilman Edward Smith
Councilwoman Dana Sloan
Councilwoman Candy Silvers



The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding.


Present were Mayor Brad Hanley, Councilwoman Melissa Emmons, Councilman Edward Smith, Councilwoman Dana Sloan, and Councilwoman Candy Silvers.


Councilwoman M. Emmons gave the invocation.


Mayor B. Hanley led Town Council and the Public Audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chief Harold Brown was presented a plaque by Mayor Hanley in recognition of his twenty years of service to the Town of Elgin and the Elgin Police Department.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Melissa Emmons to approve the September minutes and was 2nd by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without any further discussion, and with a unanimous vote.


Mayor Hanley recognized and welcomed a new retail business, ?Erica?s Salon?, located at 1232-B Rose Street; owner Erica Nealy. There were also two new booth rentals at this location. Ms. Nealy will be having a Grand Opening on October 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm.

Acknowledgment of Unimin

Chief Harold Brown took time to acknowledge Unimin for allowing the EPD the use of their facility, at no charge, for training purposes and presented Kevin (Mickey) a plaque for their continued support.


Mayor Hanley read aloud an announcement proclaiming the month of October 2013 Alpha Delta Kappa Month in Elgin, South Carolina and honored members who reside in Elgin and Kershaw County.


There were six complaints filed during the month of September:

1. BH105 ? Several White Hill Residents felt as if the first five or six homes at the entrance of their community are eyesores. Randy Pruitt investigated their complaint and at the time determined the only problem was that the grass needed cutting at these residences. Randy will continue to monitor the situation.
2. BH106 ? Complaints were made about dogs barking at all hours. EPD spoke with an apologetic owner who took care of the matter right away. No further complaints.
3. BH107 ? Resident approached by what she believed to be a scamming carpet shampooing company out of Columbia. Complaint was forwarded to Richland County.
4. BH108 ? Business operating without a Business License. A Cease and Desist order was issued and the owner removed their sign and ceased operations.
5. BH109 ? Received email from resident wanting to help clean up what she referred to as an environmental issue in Elgin. Information on the Adopt a Highway was suggested as a possible consideration.
6. BH110 ? Complaints came in to the EPD about parents dropping their children off on Abby Road creating traffic problems and most importantly possible dangers to children. The Homeowners President and her staff are sufficiently in control of this situation and Chief Brown will monitor. Chief is also looking into signs to help deter the problem drop-offs.


There was the first reading of Amended Zoning Ordinance Article 3; Section 3.10 ? Temporary Uses and Structures which states that tents and other temporary structures for public assembly or sales events are allowed in the GC-2 District only. Tents allowed for sales events will be limited to merchandise of the same type as that sold indoors of the business displaying the merchandise. The permit period shall not exceed seven (7) days, at intervals of not less than ninety (90) days.

There was the first reading of Amended Zoning Ordinance Article 3; the addition of 3.16 ? Outdoor Displays (Sidewalk Sale) limiting display?s to within eight (8) feet of the building from which the display is staged.

Amendments to the Section Reference page and Table one (1) were made to reflect amended sections.

There was the first reading of Amendment Zoning Ordinance Article 10 ? Definitions which now includes definitions for Garage or Yard Sales, Bars, Outdoor Displays, and Public Assembly.

A full reading of each amended Ordinance will be done at the next council meeting.

Councilwoman M. Emmons made a motion to accept the first readings of the Amended Zoning Ordinances, Councilman E. Smith seconded the motion, and without any further discussion the Amended Ordinances first readings were accepted by a unanimous vote.


Councilwoman D. Sloan gave an update on meeting with the builder for the Potter Park picnic shelter. During this meeting a couple of suggestions were given as to the placement and also about not enclosing the one side; which would allow for a larger building at the same cost. New plans should be ready in about two weeks. The builder also told the Councilwoman that because of the use of volunteers and several construction crews willing to help out, he felt as though he could start the job with $6,000 up front. Jeannie, who is heading up the fund raiser for this project spoke and said she was getting a good feeling that the public would be supportive in giving and has drafted a ?Donation Letter?.

Also met with was the town attorney to discuss the town?s liabilities, insurance coverage and the writing of a contract between R. Ross and the town for the use of one of his buildings and tapping into his water and sewer.

The Mayor proposed that the council may want to take into consideration asking an appraisal company to give their opinions about the front of the property for commercial use so as not to cut up the land in a way that would prevent that option in the future.

Chief H. Brown gave a presentation on the duties that the Police Administrator was performing and why there could be a need to make this position full-time. It was at this time Mayor Hanley elaborated on the recent problems with the libraries A/C and the high costs for either repairing or replacing the current system in regards to budgeting and the use of the contingency account.


No sign-up submitted


There was a motion made by Councilwoman C. Silvers to adjourn this month?s council meeting; Councilwoman D. Sloan seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:
Elizabeth Hyman
Town Clerk

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