September 2, 2014-Minutes

Mayor Brad Hanley
Councilwoman Melissa Emmons
Councilman Edward Smith
Councilwoman Dana Sloan
Councilwoman Candy Silvers


The monthly meeting of the Elgin Town Council was held Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:00pm with Mayor Brad Hanley presiding.

Present were Mayor Brad Hanley, Councilwoman Melissa Emmons, Councilman Edward Smith, and Councilwoman Dana Sloan.

Councilwoman Melissa Emmons gave the invocation.

Mayor Brad Hanley led Town Council and all others attending the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance

A motion was made by Councilwoman Melissa Emmons to accept the August 5th minutes as is and this was 2nd by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without further discussion, with a unanimous vote.

Mr. Rick Eunis complained of witnessing many vehicles continuously running the stop sign at Sessions and Smryna Roads (just across railroad tracks). Patti Coleman accepted and relayed the message to Chief Brown.

We have received numerous complaints on various subjects from Mr. Eunis. He has been invited to meet with Chief Brown; however, he has declined each time. Chief Brown researched the accident records for this location and there have not been any. Officers have been advised and continuously monitor this area. Officers will continue to monitor the area.

Councilwoman Melissa Emmons discussed the street lighting in Woodland Palms subdivision. After research through developers, builders and Kershaw County; it was discovered that typically the developer will have adequate lighting; however in the event they do not then the responsibility falls on the Town of Elgin. Melony and Randy Pruitt have contacted Duke Energy and they will be installing more street lights. Rick with Duke Energy is to contact Randy Pruitt to finalize the details.

Councilwoman Dana Sloan gave an update on Potter Park. She stated the Picnic Shelter is built and the ribbon cutting ceremony is to take place September 6th at 10:00am. The concrete was poured last Saturday; electrical is to be completed by Wednesday with ceiling fans and receptacles on each post. A temporary sign is being made and she shared a picture of it with all in attendance. A program is to be sent to the Mayor and all Council members and committee members by Thursday, September 4th as Jeannie Potter is heading up the program.

Councilwoman Sloan stated Chick Fil A would be providing water, Kornegay Funeral Home will be providing 2 tents and chairs, and Johnny Potter will be leading the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance. Speaker of the House Robert Harrell, Representative Laurie Funderburk, The Honorable Jimmy Bales and Senator Thomas McElveen are scheduled to speak.

Randy Pruitt has had many items donated which has saved Potter Park a lot of expense and enabled the Park to be under budget. The water tap is awaiting Randy Pruitt?s approval.
Mayor Hanley brought to Council?s attention the matter of usage for Potter Park and the need for a workshop to discuss the legal and insurance measures that would need to be taken as we progress into the next Phase of the Potter Park. These items will be discussed next month. It was recommended to contact Joe Eason with P.R.T. and seek his advice on this matter.

Randy Pruitt discussed the Charity/Special Events Permit and the format and fees will need to be changed and presented to Mayor Hanley and Council for a 2nd reading.

Mayor Hanley presented the second reading for the amendment to the 2014-2015 Budget for the Victims Advocate fund, the amount was increased to $4,600 and the Contingency account was reduced to $52,663.

A motion was made by Councilman Ed Smith to accept the amendment as is and this was 2nd by Councilwoman Melissa Emmons without further discussion, with a unanimous vote and put into Ordinance.

Former Mayor Pete James discussed the need for demolishing the old building by the Library and building the Blaney-Elgin Museum in its place. Mayor Hanley paraphrased a letter Shirley Miles had written voicing her request for the demolition of this old building. There was a discussion of the restrictions on the property as it was deeded to The Town of Elgin.

Mayor Hanley instructed Melony to pull the deed for the property and seek legal advice as to how this matter would be handled so there would not be any ramifications in the future since The Town of Elgin and The Blaney-Elgin Museum are two separate entities.

Randy Pruitt addressed the new Hillcrest Baptist Church sign permit, as Councilwoman Melissa Emmons recused herself from the discussion. The sign is to remain the same size as the existing sign; however, the zoning ordinances have changed since the installation of the existing sign and now the maximum square footage for a sign is 40 square feet. The sign permit is requesting a 49.5 square feet sign; therefore Randy Pruitt is at a standstill for approval.

Mayor Hanley and Council suggested changing the sign table 4 to read: under section (b) ?in accordance with the requirements of (F) below?. This change would allow Hillcrest Baptist Church to have the sign within the proper square footage allowance and Randy Pruitt could approve it once put into Ordinance format.

Mayor Hanley instructed Melony to change the Table 4 to reflect this change and have ready for a second reading at next month?s Town Council Meeting.

A motion was made by Councilman Ed Smith to accept the first reading as is and this was 2nd by Councilwoman Dana Sloan without further discussion, with a unanimous vote.

Lugoff Red Sox ? Car Wash for All Star Baseball Team at AutoZone on August 8th was approved by Randy Pruitt

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made 6:45pm by Councilwoman Melissa Emmons with a 2nd by Councilwoman Dana Sloan, with a unanimous vote.

Minutes submitted by Melony Hudson ? September 9, 2014

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