West Wateree Traffic Study-Deadline to Participate is August 15th

Kershaw County and the Central Midlands Council of Governments are undertaking the West Wateree Transportation Study to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of transportation and land use in the study area. The public is invited to provide comments by accessing the project WikiMap, a web-based interactive mapping platform specifically tailored to the West Wateree area. The map allows for ?crowd-sourcing? of anecdotal data and provides the project team with an additional layer of insight and understanding to local concerns and desires. Users are able to locate the full length of routes that they find desirable and undesirable, as well as pinpoint destinations of interest, safety concerns, conflict points, and other information relevant to the study process. The WikiMap also allows users to view data input by other users ?and to agree, disagree, and/or comment on individual items. Please utilize the WikiMap yourself and also pass this email and link along to any other individuals or groups you think might be interested in the project.

Participate Today ? Online WikiMap Closes August 15th.


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