What’s Happening in Elgin

The month of February was busy but productive for our community.? The first of our projects that took some time to get rolling was the construction at Town Hall.? The new renovation project will allow us to move the Elgin Police Department back into the building.? This decision was one that required an investment from the town for the construction costs, but once complete, will be more efficient as far as expenses and allow the officers to be more effective in performing their duties.? It will be nice having the Police Department located in the center of town again and all of the day to day business of Elgin will be run out of one facility versus two.? If things go as planned, the project should be complete by mid-May and we will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony and a grand opening for the community to stop by and view the new facility.

Another project which has been ongoing for some time now has been securing a location for the Elgin Centennial Committee to open an Elgin Museum.? After much thought and searching for just the perfect spot, the Council will be giving them the pink storage building located next to the Elgin Library.? This will be a task to restore the structure, but once complete it will be a wonderful attraction that will be easily accessible to all.? Since it will be next to the library, there will be a steady flow of foot traffic and will give children as well as adults the opportunity to not only read about the history of our town, but they?ll be able to view artifacts and see other items that will explain our heritage.? In the beginning they will be open one day a week, but as they grow and recruit the volunteers, they will add to this schedule.? This is an exciting project and I?m looking forward to their success.

One project that we have been working on for the past couple of years is seeking a solution to our traffic problems on Main Street.?? We have been in meetings after meetings with various departments and officials, but have been unsuccessful in resolving the problem.? We are at a point now where we will be consulting with our legislative and congressional leaders to see if we can get some type of assistance from them.? It is our desire to have a light installed at Pine and Main and there are other intersections that we are aware of that need to be addressed, but feel this to be the most important at this time.? If you have suggestions/concerns, I encourage you to contact these representatives and let them know how you feel.

We are working very closely with the Kershaw County Recreation Department in seeking some opportunities for our community.? The first and foremost is a park that would be located on our property at Green Hill and Main.? We envision several covered picnic shelters, a playground for children and a walking path.? This is a costly endeavor and several grants have been written, but it will be about 90 days before we get a response.? We have also talked with them about taking responsibility for the tennis courts located on Sessions Rd.? They need to be resurfaced, new nets, new fencing and major cleaning around the area.? Please take the time to complete the survey listed on the Kershaw County Government page and let them know how you feel about the needs in our area.

I cannot say it enough please take the take to stay informed about the happenings in Elgin and when the opportunity presents itself, I encourage you to get involved.? It is my goal as a council member to serve and the best way to do this is if I know the needs of the people.? I am always available by phone at 803-309-1385 or email at Melissa.emmons@townofelginsc.com and I would love to hear from you.? You can also keep up with monthly happenings, agendas/minutes from meeting and more on our town website at www.townofelginsc.com.


Melissa Brazell Emmons

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